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Apr 8, 2009 - geek    1 Comment

My Essential Firefox Extensions Revisit

Back in 2007 I posted My Essential Firefox Extentions, I thought it was about time I revisted this essential list to see what’s changed in two years.

  • Better Gmail 2 – Still using it 2 years on. A great collection of userscript modifications to Gmail.  Mainly used for attachment icons and making the labels collaspable like folders.
  • Delicious Bookmarks – A new addition to the list, as I’ve started to use delicious a whole lot more . Have been collecting a whole lot of useful tech reference articles, basically a nice clean library of quick fixes.
  • Australian English Dictionary – I didn’t have this extension installed until writing this post, how could I have forgotten! Stupid US English…
  • Firebug – A great tool for the web developer, great for debugging. Admittedly I don’t do a great deal of web dev and usually have this extension disabled.
  • DownThemAll! – Can’t be without this extension, found it back in 2007 and just can’t let go of it. Multi threaded downloads ftw!
  • FireGestures – Replaced the extension MouseGestures from 2007. Adds Mouse Gestures to Firefox, allowing speedier control of the browser.
  • Greasemonkey – The monkey is still sitting in my status bar. Not often I have a userscript loaded (thanks to extensions like Better Gmail above). Only recently installed the Twitter Fantastico user script and it remains my only one, for now.
  • IE Tab – The last keeper from 2007. Basically allows quick launching of sites in IE, keeping it in Firefox as a new tab. Also keeps a list of sites to always display in an IE tab.
  • Lazarus: Form Recovery – This extension is a god send. Keeps a backup copy of any form you fill in, allowing you easy right click recovery in case FF crashes or you close a tab by accident. A must have!
  • Remember The Milk for Gmail - Started using RTM this year to keep track of personal projects having migrated from Outlook to Google Apps. This extension adds RTM as a sidebar to Gmail, very handy.
  • UrlbarExt – Adds shortcuts in the address bar with functions like ‘Make TinyURL’, ‘Search Site’, ‘Go up one folder’, ‘Sequential Navigation’, ‘Surf Annoymously’. Rather handy

Which extensions didn’t make the cut from 2007?

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Oct 27, 2008 - geek    No Comments

No Clean Feed

Join the fight to stop Internet Censorship in Australia. I’m all for getting rid of the crap and highly illegal material on the web, but I do not want to be told what I can an can’t view on the Internet. Not to mention suffer a 20%+ drop in performance just to stop child molestors and un-parented children from viewing bad things. Any ‘pro’ for the filter that talks about protecting the children with this national filter is bullshit, it should be the responsibilty of the parents. Here’s a crazy thought, educate the parents on how to look after there children when using the Internet. You wouldn’t leave your child in the City would you? So why leave them to browse the world from their computer alone? Ugh, people are stupid and mostly it’s the Politians when it comes to technology…

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